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What Are Explainer Videos ?

An Explainer video is a crisp and engaging animated video that explains a product or service in detail. They tend to educate potential customers or lead to getting your message across them. Getting you to sail across, they also breakdown & explain the lengthy topics or discussions in a short version of 60 – 90 seconds. It strictly strikes the chord that you want your consumers to get into. An explainer video promotes your business growth & elevates your brand, separates you from the competition thus inspiring your consumers to think, feel, and then act. If you are struggling or thinking to reach out to your message to your audience, then an explainer video could be the one!! Make your business teams cheer making your sales rise through these explainer video. Nail your message with an explainer video, as it comes as the right tool for you!

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When And How Should I Use Explainer Video?

Clearly, both businesses and customers love animated videos. And an animated explainer is the trend to articulate your brand into a video format. In less than a minute or two, you can get across your message dwell through the minds of your potential customers. What comes in your mind when you think to pass on your message to your customers? Yes, you think it is tough to present or sell your product or service with another medium; this is where an explainer video enters. An explainer video can help in engaging more traffic for your brand. It helps to successfully solve real-world problems while providing an increase in leads, conversions, and sales! If you think you have the chance to fit inside your customer’s mind, stay there 3D animation works has the right creative team for you.

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Characteristics Of Great Explainer Video

  • Strikes a real visual content
  • Get increased audience interest
  • Explain the objective of your product
  • Simple and short but is more effective
  • Provides strong brand recognition
  • Professional voice with great style and tones
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How We Create Explainer Videos?

Making an explainer video is not as tough as you think so. Sometimes you pound your keyboard for months to explain your product or service with a great idea for marketing, but ultimately you end up with no solution. A great explainer video is a key to all your worries. Have a look at how we create your explainer video:

  • Writing a good script – Script emerges as the key element for an animated explainer video. And sometimes it comes best when you write the script. Trust us. That makes a major difference.
  • Recording the voice-over – We fit in the best or professional voice over when it comes to making a video. To provide it with strong narration, we offer male and female voices that are really appealing with a clear voice tone.
  • Animation in video production - With different styles and tones, a skeleton of the video offers an apt reflection of what the end result can be. It comes as organizing several broken pieces to create a unified whole of a story on the move.
  • Music and styling effects - Animated explainer videos need some sweet sound effects and music. We offer you the best sound effects and awesome styles.
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